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Toshiba clarifies laptop battery recall - messaging lost in translation

Toshiba's PR team has been busy this week clarifying worldwide news reports on its laptop battery recall. Statements issued explain that what they really meant to say (apparently the correct messaging was lost in the translation?) - was that 1,000 batteries, purchased separately as accessories in Australia and New Zealand (not 340,000 worldwide as in earlier reports this week) were affected. Apparently the correct messaging was lost in the translation. As a Toshiba laptop owner, I for one am relieve that I won't have to turn in the machine any time soon.


When should startups should hold off on vc pursuits?

Bernard Lunn's article explores why early-stage tech or new media startups might steer clear of venture capital - that is, until they've reached the 3 million mark in revenues....


Are bloggers journalists? A much different answer since last year...

This issue has evolved significantly since BusinessWeek reported on it last year - especially since "major media" outlets have discovered the added visibility achieved by having some of their most influential journalists start "blogs" of their own...


Google should partner with Plaxo to sync with Outlook

Google calendar looks good on the surface though for Outlook users the automatic sync feature of Plaxo is far superior from a practical standpoint. There are too many Outlook users out there for this not to be a consideration for Google calendar R&d.....


Analyst Credibility According to the Press

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